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    Antiques represent the true art and history of a place. We have heard of vanished civilizations. However, their identity is preserved by the antiques we find today. That is the reason why antiques are priceless. An antique collector most likely is interested in the history and ancient art of certain places. Antiques can come in different forms like antique sculptures, painting, coins, decorating pieces, furnitures, and many more.

    While talking about the antique statues, they can be classified according to the age and style of the statue. The question may arise, how to identify the antique statues? The following tips can help you to determine the real antique statues.

    An antique statue does not have sharp ends. Due to the friction while handling for so many years, end parts of the statue are scrubbed and the carvings can be seen faded. Some parts of statues are even shiny.

    Another factor is age. The artwork and the designs on the statue are most helpful indicators to know the age and origin of the statue. There seems to be certain style and design representing the certain of era when the statue is made. For example plain body with less carving is more prominent design of 17 th century than the carved complex designs of 19th century. Also studying the materials used to make statue like brass, copper or bronze can help in identifying age.

    Also, learning where the statue was made or originated from helps in identifying age of the statue. Similarly trying to find out the artist or manufacturer who made the statue will greatly enhance our knowledge of the antiquity and era of the statue.

    Taking pictures of the statue in questions can do the trick and help you in analysing it. So, take pictures of the statue from different angles including the carvings, curves, signs or stamps on the statue. Analyzing through pictures will help greatly in the research.

    Certain tools can also be helpful in studying antiques like magnifying glass, Black- light, Digital Cameras, GPS Navigation Device. These tools will simplify the identification of the antique statue.

    A museum can be the very good source to study about antiques. There you can find similar art and designs to compare and know the age of a statue. Like art and design widely used in making statue in 17th century. You can see the reference of the statue in museum to check the age and its corresponding art and designs.

    And finally, indeed taking help of an antique expert can help you greatly in identify age, value and legitimacy of the antique in hand.

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    So, you want to sell your own home! Well, before making that final decision, you should consider reasons why you might want to change your mind.

    Sure, everyone knows you can save that all-too-vilified 6% commission, but seriously, in the long run, if you don’t truly understand exactly what you’re doing, you probably end up saving nothing. Even worse, you spend more than you would have saved!

    Selling a home isn’t easy. There are reasons why states regulate the industry along with the agents and brokers – it’s to protect the consumer from blatant fraud, stupidity, and ignorance on the part of the sellers. It’s difficult enough to do this with licensed agents and brokers, but it’s virtually impossible to monitor what’s happening when a consumer is dealing with a FSBO (a house that is For Sale by Owner).

    Selling anything entails a marketing plan, a financial goal, and experience in the field. Whether you are selling car batteries, homemade brownies, or real estate, you need to completely understand who your target market is, where they are, and how to reach them. You must absolutely be able to establish a financial plan based on exactly what your house is worth, how quickly you need to sell, and what happens if you don’t.

    Putting your own home on the market means more than putting that for sale sign on the front lawn and waiting for your phone to ring! Your chances of reaching a qualified buyer from drive-by traffic is almost nill. Without a comprehensive marketing plan and sales strategy already in place, you are doomed for failure.

    Top Reasons to Use a Broker:

    Houses are priced to include that 6% broker commission. Buyers looking at FSBOs are well aware you aren’t paying that commission so they automatically deduct that money from their offer! Right off the bat, you aren’t saving anything.
    Do you know what your home is worth? Probably not! Checking Zillow.com is not the answer. Without access to a system that shows “comps”, and an understanding of how the prices of these comps were determined, there’s a good chance your home is not priced correctly. And by the time you figure this out, your perfect buyer bought another property down the street.
    Experienced real estate agents have qualified buyers actually waiting to see your home! Do you?
    Brokers have proven, established marketing plans for your home style and neighborhood – and they pay for all this advertising! (A good portion of that agency commission actually pays for this marketing.)
    They will be able to advise you on any improvements that should be done to add value and let you know what repairs absolutely must be done in order to expect a close to full price offer. You might think you want to sell “as is” but that doesn’t mean the house will sell without lots of contingencies that include the repairs and upgrades the broker would have pointed out.
    They are experts in negotiating the offers! If you have never negotiated anything other than getting a free oil change with a new car purchase, this is best left to an experienced broker. Many FSBOs unwittingly kill a deal because they don’t understand the nuances between a good offer and one that probably wouldn’t even get a bank approval.
    Your home needs personal showings and exposure. An experienced agent will prepare the perfect open house for buyers, and one for other brokers. There is no way a FSBO can create this type of response.
    FSBOs are notorious for having poor people skills. After all, you have people walking around your beloved home making comments that frequently aren’t too complimentary. (“Oh, wow, look at that ugly tub!” or “This has to be the dirtiest carpeting we’ve seen so far!”) Sure, these are certainly insults to say the least, but a qualified agent knows exactly how to turn these negative comments and perceptions into a more positive experience. Home owners aren’t usually the best choices to do private showings for this reason – they don’t handle rejection or negativity well, and certainly not without confrontation which will typically not end well.

    In the end, let the professionals do their job. They have the training, the experience, and the tools necessary to make sure your home gets the best possible exposure in order to get the best possible price. Don’t make an expensive mistake you’ll never recover from!

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    People who possess pieces of land that are rich in oil, gas and other minerals that are in high demand can choose to make good money by selling the property or the mineral rights. Of course, many would choose to hang onto such land, but you might find it profitable for you to sell mineral rights or oil royalties to offset a pressing financial issue. There are professionals out there who can help you with evaluation of the value of the gas and oil royalties or mineral rights.

    Some of the benefits you stand to enjoy once you sell the right and royalties, including less worries on market fluctuations, quick money and less uncertainty. It is indeed a very profitable venture considering that gas and oil are always booming and their value will always be high. To ensure that you in the end get the very best prices for the mineral rights, there are a few things that you should remember.

    1. Hasty sales can make you lose out

    On discovering what their land holds, most people make hasty decision to sell their land mineral rights. Such quick decisions could easily lead to making the wrong decision. It is therefore of importance that you consider how urgently you really need the money you are after. In case it is not as urgent, it is important that you take your time before selling so you can weigh the different options available for you. Compare a few buyers if need be. It is a better way to make good returns from the sale.

    2. There are different kinds of sales

    When looking to sell your mineral rights, you have the option of collecting a onetime lump sum for the value or you can choose to be getting royalties. Of course the royalties come in small amount, but over a given period of time, whereas in the lump sum option you only get one transaction for what the property is worth; you will not get any additional money for your rights after that. Whereas some landowners would rather have the constant royalty payouts, some would rather get the whole amount probably to invest in something different. Consider what options best serves your financial needs before selling.

    3. Appraisal is most important

    There is nothing worse than rushing to sell the rights without first taking time to find out what their true value is. When you know nothing about the value, it becomes easy for buyers to take advantage of you. When you have decided to sell therefore, have the land and the mineral rights evaluated or appraised. In some cases you may be required to foot the costs of appraising the land but in some cases the buyer will be more than willing to do the appraisal at their expense. Whatever happens, you must ensure you have it appraised before striking a deal with your buyer. It is the only way you will get the right price for the real value of the land.

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